RecoveryPlanner – Business Continuity Management Software

Founded in 1999 by experts in business continuity, disaster recovery, and crisis management, RecoveryPlanner is a leading provider of risk, business continuity management, planning, and software. RecoveryPlanner assists organizations of all sizes and industries by facilitating the creation of practical, actionable, and easily maintainable enterprise-wide planning and recovery solutions.

RecoveryPlanner's web-based software, RPX, encompasses all components of Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Disaster Recovery (DR), Risk, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Incident Response and management in ONE integrated, web-based solution. RPX uses the full capability of the Internet and meets the high demand of the business community while delivering the highest ROI, reducing risk and speeding implementation. Coupled with attentive and expert services, RPX simplifies and accelerates the process of risk assessment, BIA, plan development, testing, distribution, updating, and auditing; incident management, communications, and automatic notification services.

RecoveryPlanner provides the web-based software, "RPX." RPX breaks through a variety of management processes' silos and delivers a mature integrated solution for Risk, BCM, DR, Emergency & Crisis Management, Pandemic Planning, Supply Chain & Vendor Management, and Compliance. Experience interactive, customization, and integration features like no other.