About us

Business Continuity Professionals (BCP), is a Puerto Rico-based award-winning consulting firm certified in the areas of business continuity and business resilience. With the expertise gained from over 38 years in business continuity, we offer a comprehensive suite of business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services.

We help organizations to ensure the stability of their business operations and assist with regulatory compliance, improved systems availability, and the integration of operational risk management strategies.

To provide the quality of our services and to facilitate the process of implementing our recommendations, we have partnerships with major companies and organizations in the business continuity field.

BCP has extensive local and international (US & Latin America) experience in both the private sector and government in carrying out the following continuity engagements.

Mission and values:

Established in January 2005, Business Continuity Professionals, Inc., is an award-winning, Puertorrican-owned, certified business continuity and resilience consulting firm with substantial experience in Business Continuity Management around Latin America and the Caribbean Basin.

Our Mission

Provide the best and most complete continuity consulting services portfolio.

Our Vision

Be a leading provider of continuity services in the Caribbean Basin and Latin America. Be recognized for excellence and commitment to our work.