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Achieving the state of business continuity
Achieving the state of business continuity

The high increase in natural disasters and incidents unadvertised has created a need to maintain the operational continuity of critical business processes. Any private or government entity required to provide continuous availability and accessibility of information and the execution of their critical processes and services in the event of a contingency and / or disaster using a methodology to document processes, procedures, activities and tasks needed to maintain operational continuity.

Certified business continuity & business resilience
Certified business continuity & business resilience

Our core team is comprised of Business Continuity planning experts that have passed the Disaster Recovery Institute International examination for Certified Business Continuity Professionals. We have in depth knowledge of the important processes underlying the initiation, execution, and deployment of business continuity services. Our specialists have deep business continuity services industry experience, and performing this work to meet both regulatory and best practice guidelines.

Design develop coordinate response to a crisis
Design develop coordinate response to a crisis

BCP can help you design and develop the overall coordination of your organization's response to a crisis, in an effective, timely manner. Our objective is to help your business avoid or minimize damage to its profitability, reputation, and capacity to operate. Our certified business continuity consultants will help your staff to respond and to have control over any incident using appropriate incident response procedures or plans.

What we do
Improve your business continuity with planning services and high availability solutions.
Advisory to establish well design governance structure to keep your continuity strategies and plans current, and meet the demands of business and industry regulators.
Our consultants work with you onsite to build functional plans to handle disruptions and maintain continuous business operations.
Our experts work with your resources to create a cost-effective continuity program that maximizes your investments.
We provide flexible and customizable continuity solutions tailored to your specific business objectives.
Complete business continuity management consulting services portfolio.
What we offer

We strive to bring excellence in our business continuity services. We prove value of our services by leading our clients towards successful implementation of their business continuity services, meeting schedules, and providing high availability solutions.

We stand by our commitments and deliver all it takes to get projects done.

  • Full advisory in Business Continuity Management Program Development
  • Multiple High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Best rates and services offering in Business Continuity Strategies, Consulting and Education
  • Partnership with Industry Leaders
  • Certified Experts in Business Continuity and Business Resilience
Our Clients
OMB - Office Of Management And Budget
Retiro - Gobierno de Puerto Rico
Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
Motorambar, Inc.
PRT - Puerto Rico Telephone
Oficina de Etica Gubernamental de Puerto Rico
Departamento de Hacienda
ABS - America Business School
National Group
ATH - A Toda Hora
Medical Card System
EDUK Group
Netwave Equipment Corporation
Infocard Technology Systems
Triple-S Salud
Marsh Sladana